[MARMAM] Information on Grey Seal abundance

Sandra Blömacher sandrabloemacher at alice-dsl.de
Fri Apr 20 00:17:52 PDT 2007


I got this list address from a member of alien-species list because I 
have a question concerning the abundance of seal species. A possible 
resettlement of grey seals at the German Baltic coast rises questions on 
maximal abundances of seals in a definded area as fishery is concerned 
about the impact of seals on fish populations. Does anyone have 
experience with population densities (e. g. at haul outs in breeding 
seasons) in a defined area?

Thanks very much!
Greetings from Rostock, Germany


Dr. Sandra Blömacher

Tel. : +49-174-330 83 94
email: s.bloemacher at gmx.de

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