[MARMAM] Positions at the National Marine Mammal Laboratory

Robyn Angliss Robyn.Angliss at noaa.gov
Mon Apr 16 14:53:04 PDT 2007

The following three positions have just opened in the National Marine 
Mammal Laboratory, National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Fisheries 
Science Center, Seattle. All three positions are term positions.

NMF-AKC-2007-0030:  Research fishery biologist.  ZP-III.  Lead aerial 
survey projects as part of a new bowhead whale feeding study.

NMF-AKC-2007-0041:  Research wildlife biologist.  ZP-II.  Conduct 
photographic analysis of bowhead whales.

NMF-AKC-2007-0044:  General biologist or fishery biologist.  ZP-II.  
Provide scientific support to the NMML Director and Deputy Director.

These positions are in the NMFS demonstration project.   To see how ZP 
positions relate to the pay at various GS levels, see:  
http://ohrm.os.doc.gov/Demo/DEV01_000104 (pull up the standard pay 
tables for 2007 & look near the bottom of the PDF file for SEAZP; it's 
on page 126).

To see the announcements, visit USAJobs.opm.gov.

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