[MARMAM] Marine Mammal Biologist, GS-12, Navy Pearl Harbor, HI

Rivers, Julie A CIV NAVFAC PAC julie.rivers at navy.mil
Thu Apr 19 11:46:53 PDT 2007

The summary of duties sounds rather broad, but the office is primarily
in search of a biologist with marine mammal and bioacoustics experience.
This person will work for NAVFAC Pacific at Pearl Harbor, and provide
technical support to the Pacific Fleet on marine mammal issues including
monitoring programs, sonar analysis and consultations under MMPA and
ESA.  The program is growing and covers the Navy operating areas in the
Pacific and Indian Oceans. 

Summary of Duties:

Prepare and implement an integrated program for the identification,
conservation, and enhancement of fishery and wildlife resources on
behalf of Navy and Marine Corps activities in the geographical area
supported by Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Pacific (NAVFAC
Pacific) and Commander, Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT).  Provide professional
support and advice to those activities regarding specialized problems in
marine mammal management, threatened and endangered species management,
and environmental mitigation that affect Navy and Marine Corps training
and exercises, shore operations, facilities planning and programming,
design and construction.  Provide expert technical assistance in
reviewing proposed Navy and Marine Corps actions, including military
operations and training, and MILCON and special projects, master plans,
special studies and site approvals for potential impact to threatened
and endangered species, marine mammals, wetlands, migratory birds,
critical habitats, wildlife refuges, and other legally protected natural
resources.  Assist in the identification and conduct of technical
studies to support the completion of environmental documents (CATEX, EA,
EIS, biological assessments) in compliance with NEPA, the Endangered
Species Act, and the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Job announcement is PAC-7-4XX-12 4B626587-DE, closes on 3 May 2007. 


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