[MARMAM] Summer Field Course: Ecology and Behavior of Manatees and Dolphins in Belize

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Ecology and Behavior of Manatees and Dolphins in Belize
DATES: June 26 - July 6 (inclusive of travel)
INSTRUCTOR:  Caryn Self-Sullivan
Maximum class size: 10

This field course will be delivered at an introductory level, with a work
load equivalent to a 2-hour university lecture course, 1-hour seminar
course, and 1-hour lab. The course is divided into 4 major components:
lectures (8 ~3-hour lectures), independent reading and assignments (~2 hours
per day), data collection/reduction/analysis (8 ~3-hour field trips), and
group discussion of reading materials (8 ~2-hour discussions). For
independent study credit, a final written report will be required - details
to be determined by your faculty advisor and course instructor.

Topics to be covered include: 

1. The Order Sirenia: Manatees and Dugongs of the World 
2. The Order Cetacea: Whales and Dolphins of the World 
2. Animal Behavior (Ethology): Understanding the Difference between Folk
Psychology and Scientific Perspectives 
3. Current Marine Mammal Research: Who's Who, What's What, and Where's
4. Marine Mammal Husbandry: Marine Mammals under Human Care in Zoos and
5. Marine Mammal Science: Research Design, Data Collection Methods, Analysis
of Data, and Interpretation of Results 
6. Marine Mammal Conservation and Advocacy: What's the Status of Extant
Marine Mammal Species 

Cost: $1950 US -- This fee includes all expenses (transportation,
accommodations, meals) from your arrival at the PWG airport in Belize on
June 26th to your departure on July 6th. You are responsible for your
round-trip airfare to Belize (airport code BZE). In addition, you may want
to purchase your own copy of one or more of the books to be used in the
course. Also included is a Behind the Scenes Dolphin Encounter Training
Session and a Field Trip to a Maya Archaeological Site. 
Credit:  If you are interested in getting independent study credit for this
course at your university, you must make arrangements in advance with BOTH
your advising faculty member and the course instructor. Any credit hour fees
must be paid directly to your university. 

A website with complete syllabus will be forthcoming.  
If you are interested in this course, please email caryn at sirenian.org
For more information on the facilities, please visit

Caryn Self Sullivan, Marine Scientist
Email: caryn at sirenian.org, caryn at hpfoundation.org 
Personal Fax: 540.907.4597
Belize Cell:  ++501 660.9148 or 606.3696
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Belize Spanish Lookout Caye: ++501.220.4024 
Belize HPF(BDC) Office: ++501.223.2333 (BDC 223.4526)
SkypeIN:  540.322.2207 (local to Fredericksburg)
SkypeID:  carynselfsullivan
Texas A&M University, Ph.D. Candidate
Sirenian International, President & Co-Founder 
Earthwatch Institute, Principal Investigator 
Hugh Parkey Foundation, Marine Science Advisor

The mission of Sirenian International is to promote the long-term
conservation of manatee and dugong populations around the world through
research, education, and inter-cultural collaboration. Please remember us
when budgeting for your charitable donations. Donate online at

The Hugh Parkey Foundation is dedicated to keeping Hugh's legacy alive by
increasing marine awareness and conservation through education, sustainable
tourism and research. Our model focuses on marine stewardship within the
Belizean society and facilitates international outreach.

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