[MARMAM] Tethys - courses on cetacean research and conservation in the Mediterranean Sea

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The TETHYS RESEARCH INSTITUTE announces its 2007 courses on cetacean 
research and conservation, held in the Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary, 
Italy, and in the eastern Ionian Sea, Greece.

The courses are intended for anyone wishing to practice cetacean 
research in the field and contribute to ongoing conservation efforts.

Activities will include data collection at sea and lectures by 
experienced researchers.

The 6-day courses take place between April-October at a cost of 575 - 
880 Euro. Fees include room&board, insurance and Tethys membership. 
Discounts for students.

Information:  http://www.tethys.org/

or contact:  tethys at tethys.org


Founded in 1986, the Tethys Research Institute is a private non-profit 
organization specialized in cetacean research. Exclusively based on 
autonomous fundraising, Tethys has generated one of the largest 
datasets on Mediterranean cetaceans and about 300 scientific 
contributions. Back in 1991, Tethys conceived and proposed the creation 
of the Pelagos Sanctuary.  Tethys has conducted longitudinal studies on 
fin whales and several other cetacean species in the Corso-Ligurian-
Provencal basin, on common bottlenose dolphins in the Adriatic Sea, and 
on short-beaked common dolphins and common bottlenose dolphins in the 
Ionian Sea. Tethys has also done research on cetaceans in the Messina 
Strait and in several other Mediterranean and Atlantic areas. Research 
methods used by Tethys include the use of remote sensing and telemetry 
data, the combined use of laser range-finding binoculars and GPS to 
passively track and record the horizontal movements of whales, 
population studies, bioacoustic research, photo-identification and 
behavioural sampling, remote biopsy sampling for genetic and 
toxicological analyses, and historical research. Tethys owns 
photographic archives exceeding 100,000 cetacean images, that have 
resulted in the identification of over 1,300 individuals of seven 
Mediterranean species. This expertise has granted to Tethys a role as 
regional coordinator in the former EC-funded project “Europhlukes”. 
Tethys is a partner to the UNEP's Agreement on the Conservation of 
Cetaceans in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic 


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