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Dear Colleagues,

For 40 years, Shoals Marine Laboratory has specialized in  
undergraduate education in marine science and sustainability. Over  
the last two years we have expanded SML's Curriculum to better serve  
students from all over the country. This summer, we will offer more  
than two dozen college-credit courses at our facility on Appledore  
Island, Maine. We still have some places in all of the courses listed  
below. We feature small class sizes and an experiential learning  
environment where everyone learns by first-hand observation. The  
close-knit community we create each summer on Appledore Island gives  
SML the feeling of a residential college, where even a casual  
conversation with a faculty member or teaching assistant can turn  
into a life-changing moment. Being on an offshore island also means  
that every class includes adventure and learning opportunities far  
beyond any normal classroom. Please take a minute to review some of  
our exciting offerings - and join us on Appledore this summer!

The Diversity of Fishes
A three-week study of evolution and diversity of fishes with lots of  
time in the field:

Sharks: The Biology, Evolution and Conservation of Sharks and their  
A one-week intensive course on living and fossil sharks, skates, rays  
and chimaeras:

Marine Vertebrates
One week on fishes, one week on birds and one week on marine mammals:

Functional Morphology of Marine Organisms
How do marine animals breath, eat, fly and swim? Find out in this new  
course that emphasizes direct observations in the field and laboratory:

Biology of the Lobster
Intensive study of the biology, ecology and fisheries for the Gulf of  
Maine's best-known invertebrate:

Molecular Systematics and Natural History
DNA and other molecules provide clues for understanding the history  
of life and how communities work:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Field Scientists
Learn to use ArcGIS software and Garmin hand-held GPS units;  
Appledore Island and the surrounding waters and islands of the Isles  
of Shoals archipelago serve as an ideal field site:

Forensic Science for Marine Biologists
Explore the expanding interface between marine science, criminal  
justice and civil litigation with pathologists, veterinarians and  
forensic scientists from the FBI, EPA, Mystic Aquarium, URI, and the  
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology:

Underwater Research
A highly regarded and unique course designed to train students to  
plan and conduct research underwater:

Sustainability in the 21st Century
Study environmental engineering, alternative power systems, and  
fisheries conservation:

A Marine Approach to Introductory Biology
Need to complete introductory biology to fulfill major requirements?  
If so, then check out:

To view SML's complete list of college credit courses for Summer  
2007, please go to:

Willy Bemis
Kingsbury Director of Shoals Marine Laboratory
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Corson Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
web24 at cornell.edu

The website for Shoals Marine Lab is: http://www.sml.cornell.edu/

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