[MARMAM] Manatee & Dolphin Research Internship in Belize

Caryn Self-Sullivan caryn at sirenian.org
Wed Apr 4 20:14:58 PDT 2007

Volunteer Internship Announcement
Closing Date:  April 20th, 2007
Project:  Behavior and Ecology of Manatees & Dolphins in Drowned Cayes,
Belize, Central America 
Principal Investigator:  Caryn Self-Sullivan, Ph. D. Candidate, Texas A&M
Location: Spanish Bay Conservation & Research Center, Belize Adventure
Lodge, Spanish Lookout Caye
Research Permits issued by: Conservation Division-Forestry Department,
Primary Funding Agencies:  The Earthwatch Institute and the Hugh Parkey
Foundation for Marine Awareness and Education 
Project Details:  Available Online at

2007 Summer Internship Dates:  14 May - 31 August 2007 (approximate dates
for 2 interns) 

Qualifications: Science oriented upper level undergraduate, graduate, or
post-doc.  The successful applicant must speak English, be a strong swimmer,
must be well organized and comfortable with coordinating logistics for
groups of 8-20 people, must have some field experience, and must be
comfortable working with volunteers and living under rustic/primitive
conditions.  A positive "can do" attitude, love of interacting with an
eclectic group of people, patience in dealing with both the public
(volunteers) and the scientists, and high self-esteem and fun-loving nature
will be extremely important to a successful field season. First aid, CPR,
and snorkeling experience are of added value as is a background in biology,
zoology, wildlife ecology, environmental or marine science, or conservation
Accepting Applications Immediately
CLOSING DATE:  April 20th, 2007 - FIRM 

Introduction:  Be prepared to work very hard in exchange for this
opportunity to participate in a unique manatee & dolphin field research
project in Belize.  Our Logistics Interns have five principle
responsibilities:  (1) coordinate, train, and interact with a diverse group
of Earthwatch volunteers; (2) coordinate camp logistics, schedule and
delegate responsibilies to volunteers; (3) oversee collection and reduction
of field data (including GPS data, photo & video recordings, and seagrass
and other environmental samples); (4) input data and expenses into database
(MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word); (5) assist with local educational outreach

The intern will also be expected to lead snorkeling trips on the reef,
deliver lectures, and/or lead discussions on a topic or issue related to
this project.  Examples might include:  Marine Protected Areas,
Use-Preservation Paradox, Conservation, Biodiversity, Integrated Coastal
Zone Management, Coral Reef Ecology, Mangrove Ecology, Seagrass Ecology,
Marine Invertebrates, Tropical Fishes, Marine Mammals, Marine Ecosystem
Management, Endangered Species, Marine Reptiles, etc., etc., etc. 

Compensation:  This is a volunteer position and the intern must purchase
their own airfare to/from Belize ($600-$1000 depending on your departure
city) and cover any travel expenses incurred when not on Spanish Lookout
Caye.  While at our camp, living expenses (room and board) will be provided.
The interns will have time to travel around Belize (at their own expense)
during breaks. 

To Apply:  Carefully read and follow directions online at

Our 4 phase process to selecting interns include: 
1. Email Caryn (caryn at sirenian.org) to get contact information for previous
interns; communicate with at least 2 previous interns. 
2. Submit an application by email as described on website not later than 20
April 2007. 
3. If your application is selected for further consideration, we will send
each of your references a questionnaire by 21 April 2007. 
4. Upon receipt of answers to the questionnaire, IF we feel your strengths
and weaknesses are a good match for ours, we will set up a telephone or
personal interview by 26 April 2007.  Invitations for the internship will be
made by email or phone at least 14 days prior to the start date (~April

Acknowledgments:  The Hugh Parkey Foundation for Marine Awareness &
Education, Spanish Bay Conservation & Research Center, and the Earthwatch
Institute provide financial support for our Logistics Internships. We are
extremely grateful for their help in providing internship opportunities. 

Caryn Self Sullivan, Marine Scientist
Email: caryn at sirenian.org, caryn at hpfoundation.org 
Personal Fax: 540.907.4597
Belize Cell:  ++501 660.9148 or 606.3696
USA Mobile: 540.287.8207 
TAMU-WFSC Ethology Lab:  979.845.0495 
Virginia Office/Home 540.373.8205 
Belize Spanish Lookout Caye: ++501.220.4024 
Belize HPF(BDC) Office: ++501.223.2333 (BDC 223.4526)
SkypeIN:  540.322.2207 (local to Fredericksburg)
SkypeID:  carynselfsullivan
Texas A&M University, Ph.D. Candidate
Sirenian International, President & Co-Founder 
Earthwatch Institute, Principal Investigator 
Hugh Parkey Foundation, Marine Science Advisor

The mission of Sirenian International is to promote the long-term
conservation of manatee and dugong populations around the world through
research, education, and inter-cultural collaboration. Please remember us
when budgeting for your charitable donations. Donate online at

The Hugh Parkey Foundation is dedicated to keeping Hugh's legacy alive by
increasing marine awareness and conservation through education, sustainable
tourism and research. Our model focuses on marine stewardship within the
Belizean society and facilitates international outreach.

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