[MARMAM] PBS Nature Doc. Film

Brian McAllister brian at pangolinpictures.com
Thu Apr 5 12:08:06 PDT 2007

Hello!  I was wondering if you could post this to your list?  Thank you!

My name is Brian McAllister and I work for Pangolin Pictures out of New
York.  We are doing a PBS Nature film entitled "Sexual Selection" which
deals with a variety of animals and the choices they make during this
selection process. 

For one of the segments in the film, we are looking at Seals and Sea Lions
and the dynamic images of adult males displaying their territorial behavior
during the breeding season.

I've been in contact with Doreen Moser Gurrola from the Marine Mammal Center
who pointed me to this list as a great way to contact people and get our
information out there.

We are looking to shoot from now until September and from what I gather,
many of the Sea Lions and Seals do have their breeding season during this
time.  What we're looking for are scientists who are doing reproductive work
with these animals and are interested in traveling internationally with us
to Mexico, South America, New Zealand and/or Australia to be a part of this
territorial behavior segment in the film and have information on areas and
locations to film at.

You may contact me at brian at pangolinpictures.com if you have interest in
being a part of the film.

Thank you!

-Brian McAllister
Pangolin Pictures
brian at pangolinpictures.com

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