[MARMAM] 1-2 May Symposium: Potential Application of Vessel-Quieting Technology on Large Commercial Vessels

Brandon Southall Brandon.Southall at noaa.gov
Mon Apr 2 16:08:12 PDT 2007

To all interested parties,

NOAA's Ocean Acoustics Program is hosting an international symposium on 
1-2 May in Silver Spring, MD entitled: "Potential Application of 
Vessel-Quieting Technology on Large Commercial Vessels".  The 
announcement of the symposium and a detailed, nearly-final agenda for 
the meeting is now available on the program website: 
<http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/pr/acoustics/shipnoise.htm>  The symposium has 
been developed around the following specific objectives:

     Specify rationale and explicit target levels for quieting for 
vessels of various classes; consider how targets may vary in different 
geographical areas.

     Determine (to the extent possible) whether known/existing 
vessel-quieting technologies used in other applications have the 
potential to achieve these goals for large commercial vessels. 

     Determine (to the extent possible) the likely costs and any 
tangible benefits associated with the application of the various 
technologies on existing ships (retrofitting) and in vessel construction.

     Produce a formal report summarizing progress on the above 
objectives; synthesize findings into a "menu" format of the feasibility, 
costs, and benefits of various vessel-quieting options in different 
geographical areas.

The symposium is open to the public and registration is free.  If you 
are interested in attending, please see the above website for specific 
details regarding logistics.  Also, if you have not already, please send 
an email to Brandon.Southall at noaa.gov so we will have a record of your 
interest in attending and can provide you additional information before 
and after the meeting.

Thank you,
Brandon Southall

Brandon L. Southall, Ph.D.
Director, NOAA Ocean Acoustics Program
National Marine Fisheries Service
Office of Science and Technology
1315 East West Hwy, SSMC III #12539
Silver Spring, MD 20910-6233
Brandon.Southall at noaa.gov
301-713-2363 x163 (office)
301-713-1875 (FAX)

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