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Dear all,

Since 1999 we are studying a community of coastal bottlenose dolphins in the Paracas area, southern Peru, in particular in the Paracas Bay, an area with high environmental impact caused by the presence of several fishmeal plants.  The goal of our study is to maintain a monitoring program of the dolphin population for management purposes, to study the social ecology of this species and to promote dolphin conservation through public awareness. Using photo-identification we were able to identify up to 69 individuals of which at least 9 showed a type of skin lession in the dorsal fin that started as an open reddish wound (A), then turned yellowish (B) and finally light gray (C); during the transition between the B and C condition, some lost of tissue is observed, sometimes even loosing the tip of the dorsal fin. I would appreciate to hear from those who has observed similar conditions in the field and may have an idea of which kind of disease could be. 

Also, we need information on batimetry limiting the home range of coastal bottlenose (or another) dolphins.  I have an article by L.J. Hansen (1990): California coastal bottlenose dolphins (In Leathrwood and Reeves: The Bottlenose Dolphin), where the theme is discussed, but I would like to know on any recent paper about this subject.

Thanks in advance,

Julio C. Reyes
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