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Symposium on Sperm Whales and Acoustics

Arranged in conjunction with 

Valeria Teloni’s Ph. D. defense, 

19-20th of October 2006, Aarhus University (Denmark)


By Valeria Teloni, Peter T Madsen, Aarhus University (DK), 

And Magnus Wahlberg, Fjord & Bælt (DK)



The sperm whale carries one of the most spectacular adaptations in the
animal kingdom. It has by far the largest sound production organ of any
animal, which can produce the most intense sound in nature. Sperm whales
are using sounds for finding prey but also for complex acoustic
communication among strongly cohesive social units. The social behaviour
is very different between the more solitary males at higher latitudes
and the highly social groups of females and juvenile found in warmer
waters. Very recent research has drastically changed our view on both
sperm whale foraging ecology and their social behaviour. Valeria
Teloni’s Ph. D. defense (Aarhus University, 19th of October) on sperm
whale bioacoustics forms an ideal opportunity for bringing together
sperm whale researchers to exchange experiences and ideas obtained in
various parts of the world using a range of observational techniques. We
therefore arranged a one day workshop (Aarhus University, 20th of
October) including lectures by some of today’s most prominent sperm
whale researchers.




Thursday, 19th of October 2006 at 1300, Aarhus University

PhD defense: “Bioacoustic study of clicks from diving sperm whales”

Candidate: Valeria Teloni (Aarhus University, DK)

Supervisors: Bertel Møhl and Roy Weber (Aarhus University, DK)

External examiners: Hal Whitehead (Dalhousie University, CA) and Peter
McGregor (Centre for Applied Zoology, UK)


Friday, 20th of October 2006 at 900, Aarhus University

“Symposium on Sperm Whales and Acoustics”



0900-0915             Introduction

0915-1000             Plenary Talk: Hal Whitehead, “The sperm whale:
cultures of the open ocean”

1015-1100             Plenary Talk: Peter McGregor, “Animal
communication networks”

1100-1130             Coffee break

1130-1200             Bertel Møhl (Aarhus University, DK), “Sperm whale

1200-1230             Magnus Wahlberg (Fjord&Bælt, DK), “Bottlenose
whale biosonar” 

1230-1330             Lunch break

1330-1400             Valeria Teloni, “Foraging behavior of sperm

1415-1445             Peter Madsen (Aarhus University, DK), “Sperm whale
sound production”

1500-1530             Jonathan Gordon (St. Andrews University, UK),
“Sperm whales in the Golf of Mexico”

1545-1615             Luke Rendell (St. Andrews University, UK),
“Dialects in a small population: coda diversity in Mediterranean sperm

1615-1645             Coffee break

1645-1730             Ph. D. and M. Sc. students (Aarhus University, DK)
working with bioacoustics will present their studies.

1730-1800             Plenary discussion


Interested in coming? Please contact valeria.teloni at biology.au.dk NO
LATER THAN 15th of October. The admission is open and free of charge.



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