[MARMAM] Recommend a hydrophone please?

Anne Stewart astewart at bms.bc.ca
Sat Sep 16 13:54:08 PDT 2006

The Public Education Program at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre 
is looking to  purchase a simple hydrophone set-up for teaching 
purposes. We would love to hear your recommendations for durable, 
water-proof systems that can be amplified enough for students in an 
uncovered vessel to hear from several meters away (in the pouring 
rain!). It would be a bonus if the quality was good enough for 
recording but not absolutely necessary.
Please contact Anne Stewart, Public Education Coordinator, Bamfield 
Marine Sciences Centre. <astewart at bms.bc.ca>

Anne Stewart
Public Education Program Coordinator,
Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre,
100 Pachena Rd.,
Bamfield, BC, V0R1B0
p: 250.728.3301 ext 226
f: 250.728.3452
astewart at bms.bc.ca
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