[MARMAM] Just published: The Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus) Fact Files

William M. Johnson editor at monachus-guardian.org
Mon Sep 11 06:14:28 PDT 2006

Dear Colleagues

We are writing to let you know that The Monachus Guardian has just published
a detailed knowledgebase on the Mediterranean monk seal, written and
compiled by some of Europe¹s foremost authorities on the species, including
experienced field researchers working in Greece, Madeira, Mauritania/Western
Sahara and Turkey. The Monk Seal Fact Files, a searchable information
source, covers the history, habitat, distribution and abundance, biology and
behaviour of Monachus monachus, as well as sections devoted to threats and
conservation efforts.

A comprehensive reference list provides links to additional online content
and downloads, where available.

Illustrations will continue to be added to The Monk Seal Fact Files in the
months ahead, further enhancing this publication as a resource for teachers,
students, journalists and general interest readers. It is hoped that
additional funds might also be secured to expand the use of photographic
material and to add multimedia (sound/video) content to the publication.
Translations are also being considered. Any leads on potential funding
sources to aid these conservation education efforts would be gratefully

Should you consider it appropriate, please also consider placing a link to
the Fact Files on your own website as a public service.


William M. Johnson, Alexandros A. Karamanlidis, Panagiotis Dendrinos, Pablo
Fernández de Larrinoa, Manel Gazo, Luis Mariano González, Harun Güçlüsoy,
Rosa Pires, Matthias Schnellmann. 2006. Monk Seal Fact Files. Biology,
Behaviour, Status and Conservation of the Mediterranean monk seal, Monachus
monachus. The Monachus Guardian, http://www.monachus-guardian.org.



Yours sincerely

William M. Johnson


William M Johnson
editor at monachus-guardian.org


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