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Tue Sep 12 20:41:44 PDT 2006

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Field research with humpback whales in Maui, 
Hawaii. Interns will assist in the 31-year-long continuing research 
project by The Dolphin Institute (formerly Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal 
Laboratory) on the winter assembly of North Pacific humpback whales 
in Hawaii.  Dr. Adam Pack and Dr. Louis Herman are the principal 
co-investigators.  Dr. Pack additionally acts as the field director. 
Historically, our research has investigated a variety of topics 
including migratory destinations, distribution, inter-island 
movements, habitat preferences associated with different classes of 
whales, residency characteristics, competitive behavior, male 
escorting strategies, song and social sounds, body size and social 
roles, and individual life histories.   References for TDI 
publications on whales can be found on our website at:

During the winter/spring 2007 season we will focus on several issues: 
photo identification, underwater body size measurements of individual 
humpbacks, skin biopsy sampling, developing mitigation measures using 
shore-based tracking and shore to ship communication to help avoid 
ship/whale collisions, and possibly a third season of Crittercam 
deployment together with the National Geographic Society.  The 
internship is full time and unpaid.  However, all research staff, 
including interns, live together and are provided with room and board 
in Maui.  Interns are responsible for their own transportation to 
Maui.  On-water research will be aboard our 21- and/or 18-foot 
outboard boats. Shore-based research will be from elevated platforms 
along the Maui coast using a theodolite and laptop computer.  Interns 
will rotate between these two activities, as well as data processing 
at the field house.

The internship runs from approximately December 27, 2006 to May 31, 2007.
There are openings for several interns.

Requirements: College graduate preferred; experience in research, 
especially field research; excellent letters of recommendation, 
ability to live and work closely and harmoniously as part of a team. 
Desirable qualifications: marine mammal experience, humpback whale 
research experience, boat driving experience, theodolite experience, 
experience with computer programs such as Photoshop, FileMaker Pro, 
CoolEdit, MATLAB, digital photography experience, GIS experience.

Send cover letter indicating why you are seeking this internship and 
why you feel you are qualified, complete resume, college transcripts, 
and three letters of recommendation.

Send applications or inquiries by email to Dr. Adam Pack at 
pack at hawaii.edu or by regular mail to The Dolphin Institute, P.O. Box 
700694, Kapolei, Hawaii 96709.  Positions are open until filled, but 
early application is encouraged.  For more information on The Dolphin 
Institute's research and education programs see 
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