[MARMAM] new paper on data archive for acoustic MM recognition

Dave Mellinger David.Mellinger at oregonstate.edu
Fri Sep 8 08:17:52 PDT 2006

The following paper has just appeared:

    Mellinger, D.K., and C.W. Clark. 2006. MobySound: A reference archive
    for studying automatic recognition of marine mammal sounds. Applied
    Acoustics 67(11-12):1226-1242.

Please contact David.Mellinger at oregonstate.edu (today) or 
Sara.Heimlich at oregonstate.edu (next week) for a copy.


A reference archive has been constructed to facilitate research on automatic recognition of marine mammal sounds. The archive enables researchers to have access to recorded sounds from a variety of marine species, sounds that can be very difficult to obtain in the field. The archive also lets researchers use different sound-recognition methods on a common set of sounds, making it possible to compare directly the effectiveness of the different methods. In recognizing sounds in a given recording, the type and frequency of noise present has a strong effect on the difficulty of the recognition problem; a measure of the amount of interference was devised, the "time-local, in-band, signal-to-noise ratio", and was applied to each sound in the archive. Current entries in the archive comprise low frequency sounds of large whales, and have about 14,000 vocalizations from eight species of baleen whales. MobySound may be accessed at http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/projects/MobySound/. Contr
ibutions to the archive are welcomed.

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