[MARMAM] New publication: GIS Analysis of Ice-Breeding Seal Strandings

Barbara Lelli blelli at gwi.net
Sun Oct 29 10:30:30 PST 2006

Dear Marmamers,

We are pleased to announce the recent publication of our article:

David E. Harris & Sat Gupta. 2006. GIS-based Analysis of Ice-breeding
Seal Strandings in the Gulf of Maine. Northeastern Naturalist

Abstract: Phoca groenlandica (harp seals) and Cystophora cristata
(hooded seals), two species of ice-breeding seals, are being sighted
more frequently onshore in the Gulf of Maine since 1990, but little is
known about their behavior in this ecosystem. We obtained records of 904
ice-breeding seal stranding locations in the Gulf of Maine between 1996
and 2002 from NOAA Fisheries and used a geographic information system
(GIS) to conduct group-wise comparisons by species (using non-parametric
techniques), and to determine the predictors of high seal-stranding
density (using ordinal logistic regression analysis). Compared to harp
seals, hooded seals stranded closer to deep water, farther north, and
near different intertidal shoreline types. Predictors of high
seal-stranding density included being closer to an offshore basin, deep
water, public land, and areas of lower human population. These results
may reflect seal behavior and reporting bias.

Reprints are available on request by email to deharris at usm.maine.edu.
Please specify if you want a hard copy (a limited number are available)
or a PDF file.

David E. Harris, Ph.D.
Lewiston-Auburn College
University of Southern Maine
51 Westminster Street
Lewiston, Maine 04240
deharris at usm.maine.edu

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