[MARMAM] New paper on Charleston, SC dolphins

R.H. Defran rh.defran at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 07:11:31 PDT 2006

On behalf of Todd Speakman
The Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research at
Charleston, SC is
pleased to announce the publication of "Speakman, T., E. Zolman, J. Adams,
R.H. Defran, D.
Laska, L. Schwacke, J. Craigie, and P. Fair. 2006. Temporal and spatial
aspects of
bottlenose dolphin occurrence in coastal and estuarine waters near
Charleston, South
Carolina. NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS 37."

Hard copy reprints may be requested by email from Todd Speakman (
Todd.Speakman at noaa.gov).

A PDF copy of this TM may be downloaded from:
that this PDF has an extensive appendix containing sighting information for
each identified
dolphin and takes about 4 or 5 minutes to download.


PDF is the same as that above but without the lengthy appendix, and
downloads quickly.

Todd Speakman
Todd.Speakman at noaa.gov
Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research
219 Fort Johnson Road
Charleston, South Carolina 29412-9110
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