[MARMAM] Recording devices for cetacean vocalizations

Ignacio Garcia-Godos ag_godos at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 12 14:56:18 PDT 2006

Dear all,
  I am looking for some advise on the best way to record  cetaceans vocalizations using a hydrophone deployed from a small boat.  I heard that a Digital Audio Tape (DAT)Sony TDC-8 a is a good option for recording many species. This model is not available new at the moment because it is discontinued by Sony, but I could get a used one. Considering DAT technology is almost obsolete right now, maybe you can recommend me any digital recorders or other devices that you use to record cetacean vocalizations on the field. 
  I am specially interested in sounds of blue, sperm, humpback, and killer whales and many dolphin species ocurring off Peru, for this reason I would need a recorder with a wide range of frequencies, from 20Hz to 22000Hz, like the Sony model I mentioned above.
  Thanks in advance,

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