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Dear all,

here are some new publications of week 39 / 2006,
which haven't been announced on MARMAM earlier AFAIK.

By clicking the following link you are guided to a website, where the 
following references are linked to their according journal homepages. 
There you can find abstracts and contact information:

Please do not contact MARMAM, the MARMAM editors or me for reprints. Thank you.

Thanks to all of you who sent in reprints to be included in the 
weekly announcements.

Kindest Regards,
Jan Herrmann


Dagleish, M.P. et al. (2006):
Intracranial granuloma caused by asporogenic Aspergillus fumigatus in 
a harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena).
The Veterinary Record 159(14): 458-460.

Iwanami, K. et al. (2006):
cDNA-derived amino acid sequences of myoglobins from nine species of 
whales and dolphins.
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology B Biochemistry & Molecular 
Biology 145(2): 249-256.

Kajiwara, N. et al. (2006):
Organohalogen and organotin compounds in killer whales mass-stranded 
in the Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 52(9): 1066-1076.

Kiel, S. and J.L. Goedert (2006):
Deep-sea food bonanzas: early Cenozoic whale-fall communities 
resemble wood-fall rather than seep communities.
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological 
Sciences 273(1601): 2625-2631.

Lahaye, V. et al. (2006):
New insights from age determination on toxic element accumulation in 
striped and bottlenose dolphins from Atlantic and Mediterranean 
Marine Pollution Bulletin 52(10): 1219-1230.

Norton, S.A. (2006):
Dolphin-to-human transmission of lobomycosis?
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 55(4): 723-724.

Nummela, S., T. Hussain, and J.G.M. Thewissen (2006):
Cranial anatomy of Pakicetidae (Cetacea, Mammalia).
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 26(3): 746-759.

Panigada, S. et al. (2006):
Mediterranean fin whales at risk from fatal ship strikes.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 52(10): 1287-1298.

Parsons, E.C.M. et al. (2006):
It's not just poor science - Japan's "scientific" whaling is a human 
health risk too.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 52(9): 1118-1120.

Segura, I. et al. (2006):
Conservation implications of the genetic and ecological distinction 
of Tursiops truncatus ecotypes in the Gulf of California.
Biological Conservation 133(3): 336-346.

Van Bressem, M.-F. et al. (2006):
Dolphins and Children: A Blueprint for Marine Environmental Education in Peru.
Applied Environmental Education and Communication 5(3): 183-191.

Vetter, W. and G. Gleixner (2006):
Compound-specific stable carbon isotope ratios (delta(13)C values) of 
the halogenated natural product 
2,3,3',4,4',5,5'-heptachloro-1'-methyl-1,2'-bipyrrole (Q1).
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 20(20): 3018-3022.

Williams, R., D. Lusseau, and P.S. Hammond (2006):
Estimating relative energetic costs of human disturbance to killer 
whales (Orcinus orca).
Biological Conservation 133(3): 301-311.


Hofmeyr, G.J.G. et al. (2006):
Entanglement of Antarctic fur seals at Bouvetoya, Southern Ocean.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 52(9): 1077-1080.

Hoshino, H. et al. (2006):
Distribution of the Steller sea lion Eumetopias jubatus during winter 
in the northern Sea of Japan, along the west coast of Hokkaido, based 
on aerial and land sighting surveys.
Fisheries Science 72(5): 922-931.

Kohno, N. (2006):
A new Miocene odobenid (Mammalia: carnivora) from Hokkaido, Japan, 
and its implications for odobenid phylogeny.
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 26(2): 411-421.


Dyck, M. and R. Baydack (2006):
Human Activities Associated with Polar Bear Viewing Near Churchill, 
Manitoba, Canada.
Human Dimensions of Wildlife 11(2): 143-145.

Kornev, S. and S. Korneva (2006):
Some criteria for assessing the state and dynamics of sea otter 
(Enhydra lutris) populations in the Russian part of the species range.
Russian Journal of Ecology 37(3): 172-179.

Lanyon, J.M. and G.D. Sanson (2006):
Mechanical disruption of seagrass in the digestive tract of the dugong.
Journal of Zoology 270(2): 277-289.

Rajamani, L., A.S. Cabanban, and R.A. Rahman (2006):
Indigenous use and trade of dugong (Dugong dugon) in Sabah, Malaysia.
Ambio 35(5): 266-268.

Reich, K.J. and G.A.J. Worthy (2006):
An isotopic assessment of the feeding habits of free-ranging manatees.
Marine Ecology Progress Series 322(): 303-309.

Sonne, C. et al. (2006):
Xenoendocrine pollutants may reduce size of sexual organs in East 
Greenland polar bears (Ursus maritimus).
Environmental Science & Technology 40(18): 5668-5674.

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