[MARMAM] EAAM (European Association for Aquatic Mammals) 35th Annual conference

Birgitta MERCERA birgitta.mercera at parcasterix.com
Fri Nov 24 06:54:17 PST 2006


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The 35th annual conference of the European Association of Aquatic
Mammals (EAAM) is scheduled to be from 16th until 19th of March 2007.
Marineland Antibes in France will be our host for this conference. The
last time the conference was in Marineland Antibes was 1984. The park
has developed a lot since then and as we all know, the south of France
is a very nice place to go to. I hope you all are very motivated to come
and of course to share your different experiences through papers and/or
poster presentations!
The EAAM is an organization of people interested in marine mammals in
human care, in a zoological environment or in the wild, and includes
veterinarians, biologists, zoo and marine park directors and managers,
trainers (husbandry professionals), researchers, students and other
persons who devote a significant amount of time to the welfare of marine
mammals through research, medical care, training, education,
conservation, management and related activities.
During the conference you can present the results of your work with
marine mammals by means of a fifteen minute presentation or by a poster
presentation. All topics related to marine mammal science and husbandry
will be acceptable: Conservation, Education, Medicine, Practical aspects
of husbandry, et cetera. For the 35th Symposium, EAAM would like to
encourage presentations that can show both the results of research on
marine mammals under human care, as well as that of research in the wild
population. The deadline for abstract submission is the 8 of January
2007. An electronic abstract submission form is available on the
conference website.
Details on the conference program, the location, the workshop, guest
speakers, hotel reservations, registration and transportation are
available on the conference website: www.marineland.fr and then you
chose the EAAM section.
For all your further questions please contact: Jon Kershaw: 
kershaw at marineland.fr <mailto:kershaw at marineland.fr> 
Looking very much forward to see all your abstract submissions and of
course to see you all in Antibes next March!
Birgitta Mercera
President-elect of EAAM
BP 8
60128 Plailly, FRANCE
birgitta.mercera at parcasterix.com





Birgitta Mercera

Responsable Delphinarium


BP 8

60128 Plailly, FRANCE

birgitta.mercera at parcasterix.com


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