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------ Marine Mammal Science Vol. 22(4) ------

Budge, S.M., S.J. Iverson, and H.N. Koopman. 2006. Studying trophic 
ecology in marine ecosystems using fatty acids: a primer on analysis 
and interpretation. Marine Mammal Science 22(4): 759-801.

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Marine Mammal Science 22(4): 802-818.

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22(4): 831-846.

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Mammal Science 22(4): 880-896.

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orca) historical bone and tooth samples to identify western U.S. 
ecotypes. Marine Mammal Science 22(4): 897-909.

Fajardo-Mellor, L. et al. 2006. The phylogenetic relationships and 
biogeography of true porpoises (mammalia: Phocoenidae) based on 
morphological data. Marine Mammal Science 22(4): 910-932.

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(Leptonychotes weddellii) pup "primary" calls. Marine Mammal Science 
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dolphins (Tursiops aduncus). Marine Mammal Science 22(4): 966-978.


Felix, F., B. Bearson, and J. Falconi. 2006. Epizoic barnacles 
removed from the skin of a humpback whale after a period of intense 
surface activity. Marine Mammal Science 22(4): 979-984.

Kakuschke, A. et al. 2006. Metal sensitivity of marine mammals: A 
case study of a gray seal (Halichoerus grypus). Marine Mammal Science 
22(4): 985-996.

Bledsoe, E.L. et al. 2006. A comparison of biofouling communities 
associated with free-ranging and captive Florida manatees (Trichechus 
manatus latirostris). Marine Mammal Science 22(4): 997-1003.

Dunn, J.L. 2006. Multiple-agent euthanasia of a juvenile fin whale, 
Balaenoptera physalus. Marine Mammal Science 22(4): 1004-1007.

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