[MARMAM] Chlorophyll and SST satellite-data

Nina.Strueh Nina.Strueh at freenet.de
Fri Nov 17 02:49:40 PST 2006

Dear MARMAMers,

For my final year project (diploma) I am searching for satellite-data on
chlorophyll-content and surface-temperature of the sea around the island of
La Gomera (Canary Islands, Spain, NE Atlantic Ocean). The data is supposed
to be combined with data on the distribution of cetaceans in the area.

I would appreciate very much if you could share with me information about
institutes, faculties, organizations or any contacts which might have access
to high resolution satellite-data from the Canary Islands and La Gomera,

So far, I found satellite-data on the following websites:





However, the available data shows no high resolution for the Canary Islands
area. What I need is a resolution high enough to represent grids of about
50-100 square metres or less.

I’m looking forward to receiving your answer. If you wish to receive more
details about my request, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,

Nina Strüh
M.SC. Student
Faculty of Biology
Philipps-Universität Marburg

e-Mail: Nina.Strueh at freenet.de

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