[MARMAM] Bottlenose dolphin research training courses - Winter season

Bruno Diaz bruno_daz2000 at yahoo.es
Sun Nov 5 12:21:12 PST 2006

Please see the announcement below. There are still places available.
  Please note: further information can be viewed and printed out from the following website: www.thebdri.com 
The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute - BDRI - www.thebdri.com offers comprehensive and intensive courses during the 2007 winter season for motivated individuals, who are seeking thorough training in approaches to the study of free ranging wild bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). These intensive educational courses provide experience in specialized research techniques, consisting of field sessions and lectures. The courses will last 6 or 13 days, and - weather permitting - we will be out on the water at least during 4 or 9 of these days respectively. 
  Using study techniques that neither harm nor seriously disturb the animals, students conduct studies into the ecology and behaviour of bottlenose dolphins in Sardinian waters, as well as collecting detailed information about their environment. Students will actively participate in data collection and analyses as part of an ongoing research (see BDRI's publications: http://www.thebdri.com/resources/publications.htm). The successful completion of the course will earn a Certificate of Attendance. 
  Download the 2007 research courses schedule and fees: http://www.thebdri.com/resources/downloads/Courses2007.pdf 
  For students accounts and evaluation of BDRI's courses visit: www.thebdri.com/education/evaluation.htm
  Bottlenose dolphin research courses: 
  Field methods in the wild, more info: www.thebdri.com/education/general.htm
  Photoidentification and social structure of bottlenose dolphins, more info: www.thebdri.com/education/photo.htm
  Study of bottlenose dolphin behaviour, more info: www.thebdri.com/education/behaviour.htm
  Bioacoustics of bottlenose dolphins, more info: www.thebdri.com/education/bioacoustics.htm
  Bottlenose dolphin and human activities, more info: www.thebdri.com/education/interaction.htm
  For further information please visit: http://www.thebdri.com or contact: info at thebdri.com
  The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI
  Via Diaz 4, Golfo Aranci 07020 Italy
  tel: + 39 346 0815414

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