[MARMAM] malnutrition in bottlenose dolphins

Andrea Dell'Apa mako1979 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 3 04:06:56 PST 2006

Dear Marmarers,

In one of our center displayed troughout Italy, we have found a community of 
about 90 bottlenosedolphins skinny, with inter-rib spaces hollowed in the 
visible part of the torax. This is quite weird, considering that not all the 
animals present this particular features, probably due to malnutrition.
The only work done about this topic that i have found is:
"Evidence for malnutrition in bottlenose dolphins photoidentifies in the 
eastern Ionian Sea"
E. Politi, G. Bearzi, S. Airoldi (2000).

If anyone could give me information about this topic please contact me.


Andrea Dell'Apa
CTS - Dipartimento ambiente
Via Albalonga 3 - 00183 - Roma

Idee per i tuoi viaggi... 

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