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 Sea Watch Foundation
Cetacean Survey Training Courses
in New Quay, West Wales
July - September 2006

Join a short course to learn all about British cetaceans, how to survey for
them, and contribute to their conservation!

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Introductory weekend course

15th – 16th July 2006
5th-6th August 2006

Extended 4-day course
2nd -5th September 2006

Courses will consist of illustrated lectures and video presentations as well
as headland watches and boat surveys aboard a local whale-watching vessel.

There are two types of course: a weekend course for those with little
previous knowledge or experience of cetaceans; and an extended 4-day course
for those who already have some knowledge of cetacean watching.

For the introductory course, the programme will include an extra lecture
introducing cetaceans – their biology, ecology and behaviour. For the
extended course, there will be more "in-depth" lectures including research
studies, and, weather permitting, extended time at sea, with additional
training in field techniques like photo-identification.

Both courses will include lectures/videos on conservation issues facing UK
cetaceans, species identification, and recommended survey methods for
monitoring cetaceans. The course will be based at New Quay, Ceredigion, West
Wales, and will provide an unparalleled opportunity to see marine mammals in
the wild and to contribute to cetacean conservation in Britain.

The practical element of the course will combine both land and boat-based
watches allowing participants to directly learn how to conduct systematic
watches and fill in standardised recording forms.

Boat-based work will also teach participants the skills needed for:
(r) estimating group size and distinguishing calves, juveniles and adults (r)
assessing sea state and other key environmental details (r) photographic

There will also be the chance to practice species field identification and
the recording of different behaviours. All participants will receive a
detailed manual on how to record and monitor cetaceans.

The courses will be taught by experienced and enthusiastic staff from the
Sea Watch Foundation.

Cost of workshop, per person  (excluding accommodation and meals)
Introductory weekend course - £150 Organisations; £120 Individuals Extended
4-day course - £200 Organisations; £170 Individuals On both courses, there
are discounts available as follows:
-      £10 for members of the Sea Watch Foundation
-      £10 for unwaged participants (incl. students)
-      £10 for people sent by other charities
These discounts can be added together.

Outline of the course

Indoor Session 1:
- introduction to cetaceans: biology, ecology and behaviour (beginners
course only)
- cetaceans in UK: methods and applications for surveying and monitoring
cetaceans, including acoustics
- species identification: introductory lecture and video

Indoor Session 2:
- conservation problems currently faced by UK cetaceans
- methods for monitoring conservation threats ( followed by video and
discussion session)
- cetacean research  in Cardigan Bay: a review of survey and photo-ID

Boat Trips
- how to use recording forms, conduct watches, identify species, record
group size and behaviour, and record environmental parameters
- estimate range, measure bearing to sighting (extended course only)
- how to use a camera to photograph cetaceans, key ID features to be
- photo-ID: individual features to photograph, how to develop and maintain
ID catalogues (extended course only)

Land-based Watches
- watches from a nearby headland will enable participants to practise their
identification skills
- learn how to monitor boat activity and their possible effects on cetaceans

To book, please use the form overleaf

The Sea Watch Foundation is a registered marine environmental research
charity dedicated to monitoring the status and the distribution of cetaceans
throughout the UK and Ireland, running training courses, and various
research projects as well as managing the National Sightings Database. To
book on a course, obtain more information about the work of the charity, or
take part in surveys, please contact:

The Sea Watch Foundation, Paragon House, Wellington Place, New Quay,
Ceredigion SA45 9NR
Tel: 01545-561227 • www.seawatchfoundation.org.uk •
info at seawatchfoundation.org.uk


Hanna Nuuttila
Sightings Officer

Sea Watch Foundation
Paragon House, Wellington Place
New Quay SA45 9NR
Tel: 01545 561227
hanna.nuuttila at seawatchfoundation.org.uk
www.seawatchfoundation.org. uk <http://www.seawatchfoundation.org.uk/>

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