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Wed May 24 14:55:34 PDT 2006

Dear Marine Mammal List Members


Apologies if you receive this more than once but, given its importance to monk seals,  I thought members would be interested in the most recent publication (today) in the conservation journal Endangered Species Research (ESR): 


Baker JD, Littnan CL, Johnston DW (2006)

Endangered Species Research Number 4

Potential effects of sea level rise on the terrestrial habitats of endangered and endemic megafauna of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands 

It looks at one of the key cross-cutting themes of the journal ie climate change and how potential sea level rise may impact monk seals, birds and sea turtles in the biologically rich NW Hawaiian islands. 

The paper can be downloaded free of charge at the journal website:



It follows the recent publication of:


McGowan A, Broderick AC, Gore S, Hilton G, Woodfield NK, Godley BJ (2006)
Endangered Species Research Number 3

Breeding seabirds in the British Virgin Islands.

Eguchi T, Seminoff JA, Garner SA,  Alexander-Garner J, Dutton PH (2006)
Endangered Species Research Number 2

Flipper tagging with archival data recorders for short-term assessment of  diving in nesting female turtles


Frias Torres (2006)

Endangered Species Research Number 1

Habitat use of juvenile goliath grouper Epinephelus itajara in the Florida Keys, USA


Additional journal information:


We are a relatively new journal but growing fast with 15 original articles under review including manuscripts on plants, molluscs, turtles, otters, cetaceans as well as those relating to issues such as bushmeat and traditional use. We welcome submissions on all taxa and ecosystems of conservation concern in terrestrial, freshwater and marine realm. Submissions should be via the Managing Editor Penny Khun at esr-submissions at int-res.com. We have recently expanded our scope http://www.int-res.com/journals/esr/information/ and are growing our international editorial board.


If you would like to receive additional updates about contents to ESR you can subscribe for e-mail updates by sending a message to: esr-contents-subscribe at int-res.com containing the subject line "SUBSCRIBE" . If you have any additional queries about the journal, drop me a line.





Dr. Brendan J. Godley

Editor-in-Chief, Endangered Species Research

Centre for Ecology & Conservation
School of Biosciences
University of Exeter
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