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Jo Lunt jlunt at oxfordscientificfilms.tv
Mon May 22 09:43:58 PDT 2006

I'm a TV producer from Oxford Scientific Films and I'm working on a new
show we are hoping to make for a UK broadcaster about the Sea World
centre on the Gold Coast, Australia. The show will follow the rescue
team as they go out and save animals trapped in fishing nets or hit by
propellers as well as reintroduction programmes for endangered species
like Dugongs.
The show needs a British researcher working with the Sea World rescue
crew to give it a UK angle so I'm currently trying to find who this
researcher might be and hoped you might be able to help. I'm looking for
someone who is doing relevant research on the animals or environment,
Dolphins, Dugongs and Whales spring immediately to mind but it really
could be anything. We'll want to send someone out for 6 months to a year
to work at Sea World, researching their own work and also getting
involved with the rescues where ever possible. If you know of someone
who is already in Australia who we could try to relocate to the centre
that would also be an option. The only catch is, they need to be from
the UK.  
I know its a strange request but do you have any British members or
associates who are planning any projects out in Australia who might be
interested to work on the Gold Coast with Sea World and take part in a
documentary series of this nature? If you could suggest any
organisations who send people out to work there or know of any
researchers who are planning a project out there I'd be really grateful
if you could pass on this message to them as I'd very much like to talk
to them about potentially getting involved with the show. 
Once again sorry to contact you out of the blue like this but any advise
you can offer would be gratefully received.
Best wishes,
Joanne Lunt
Oxford Scientific Films
+44 207 612 1934
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