[MARMAM] Still some openings in marine mammal programs at Shoals Marine Laboratory for Summer 2006

William E. Bemis web24 at cornell.edu
Fri May 19 17:42:57 PDT 2006

	As the new Director of Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML), I am working  
with Associate Director Jessica Bolker to spread the word about our  
college credit courses and other programs for Summer 2006. We are a  
small organization and we rely on word-of-mouth recruiting for our  
college credit courses and adult and family education programs. SML  
is based on 95-acre Appledore Island, 6 miles offshore from  
Portsmouth, New Hampshire (about one hour drive north from Logan  
Airport in Boston). The clean surrounding waters are teaming with  
life including seals, whales, lobsters and hundreds of species of  
fishes. We have worked hard to plan an exciting series of courses and  
programs for Summer 2006, and we still have openings in some courses  
of interest to MARMAM subscribers.

J.B. Heiser (Cornell) will teach Marine Vertebrates (July 24 - August  
14; 6 credits). This is the 20th year for Marine Vertebrates at SML,  
and leading authorities on fishes, marine birds and marine mammals of  
the Gulf of Maine will join J.B. for a very special version of this  
highly regarded course. J.B. also will lead a non-credit adult and  
family education course Marine Mammals of the Gulf of Maine (August  
24 - August 27), in which participants will learn about the Gulf of  
Maine as a natural laboratory for the observation and study of seals,  
whales and dolphins.

Although not focused on marine mammals, The Ecology of Animal  
Behavior (July 3 - July 17, 2006; 4 credits) is back again for Summer  
2006. This highly regarded course offers intensive experience in  
behavioral ecology based on the many vertebrate and invertebrate  
species readily observable on Appledore.

The Diversity of Fishes (June 5 - 26, 2006; 6 credits) will be taught  
again this summer by world famous ichthyologist Bruce Collette (NOAA/ 
Smithsonian), an authority on marine fishes and editor of The Fishes  
of the Gulf of Maine. Finally, Biological Illustration will be  
offered again this year (July 17 - July 24; 2 credits). It is nearly  
full, so send in your application now!

We guarantee that everyone will find inspiring things to see, study,  
learn, describe, paint or photograph at SML. We would be delighted to  
have you, your family, your students or your friends enroll in these  
or other programs at SML. To learn more about the full range of  
opportunities at SML, please visit our website: http:// 
www.sml.cornell.edu/. Or call us at 607-255-3717.



William E. Bemis

Kingsbury Director of Shoals Marine Laboratory and Professor of  
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


Jessica Bolker

Associate Director of Shoals Marine Laboratory and Associate  
Professor of Zoology

University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
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