[MARMAM] Volunteers are needed for Northern Cyprus Monk Seal Survey

Serdar Sakinan serdar at ims.metu.edu.tr
Wed May 3 02:01:39 PDT 2006

Volunteers are needed for Northern Cyprus Monk Seal Survey


The marine conservation of the Middle East Technical University - Institute
of Marine Science is looking for volunteers to help with the Northern Cyprus
monk seal survey project. Volunteer positions are available for the field
work in July 2006. The team is going to cruise from Turkey to Cyprus with
the 16m research vessel (RV LAMAS) and survey more than 100 nautical miles
coast line on the Northern Cyprus coasts. 


The answers of following questions are aimed to be revealed.

1.      Is there a reproductive resident seal colony on the Cyprus coast?

2.      If so, where are the most important seal habitats and what is the
level of disturbance?

3.      Are there seal movements between Cyprus and Anatolian coast?

Although there are sightings from the coast of Northern Cyprus, there is no
scientific study on the seal inhabiting there. The theoretical analysis
indicates that existence a small colony with 8 individuals on the Cyprus
coast, and further protection will increase the low survival probability of
Mediterranean monk seal in the Eastern Mediterranean. Therefore, either to
fill the scientific gap on the species or to get effective results from the
conservation efforts, it is critically important to determine the seal
population inhabiting the Northern Cyprus coasts and their relations with
the colony on the Turkish coast.   




 Types of activities are:


*        Backing the team during underwater cave survey (free diving)


*        Identifying and photographing the suitable caves. 


*        Trailing the seals tracks.


*        Installation of the infra-red monitors.


*        Observation from the research vessel during the cruise and shooting
(Nikon D70 80-400mm and Sony Video Camera). 


*        Recording the human disturbance.


*        Visiting fishing ports and diving associations to collect and
compile sightings from fishermen and local divers..


*        Informing locals and tourists on MMS and its conservation. 

Qualifications: Biologists or Biology students are preferred. Skin diving,
computer skills are required. Volunteers must be able to work everyday with
long hours.  


Lang.: English and Turkish

Applicants should enclose a short CV underlining qualifications and skills
useful to the project. (Please indicate gender)


The volunteers shall meet the team at Girne (Kyrenia) harbor at a date that
will be specified later. 


Volunteers are expected to contribute food and cleaning expenses during
their stay. No additional fee is asked. The accommodation will be onboard.




E mail: contact at ecocilicia.org 


For further details about cruise and the project team, please visit the







serdar at ims.metu.edu.tr


METU - Institute of Marine Science


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