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Dolphin volunteer opportunities in Slovenia

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Morigenos – marine mammal research and conservation society is offering two
volunteer places in summer 2006, to assist in the research programme of the
Slovenian Dolphin Project.

Morigenos is a non-profit non-governmental organization from Slovenia,
dedicated to cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises), other marine
mammals and the preservation of the marine environment.
More information on Morigenos can be found at www.morigenos.org.

Slovenian Dolphin Project is a long-term study on the biology, ecology and
conservation of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Slovenian
Sea and surrounding waters, carried out since 2002 by Morigenos.

The main objectives of the project are:

   - to acquire basic information on the biology and ecology of
   bottlenose dolphins in Slovenian Sea and the surrounding waters;
   - to identify main negative factors affecting bottlenose dolphins in
   the area;**
   - to inform and educate the public and to raise public awareness;**
   - to recommend appropriate measures for dolphin conservation to
   management bodies;**
   - to preserve natural treasures of our sea;**
   - to promote a precautious exploitation of the sea;**
   - to promote sustainable development;
   - to effectively protect cetaceans and their environment.

Volunteers are welcome to join the research team for a period of 18 days,
during Morigenos' Summer Dolphin Research Camps.
Volunteers can participate in two stages: 17th July – 3rd August 2006 and 18th
August – 4th September 2006. Only one volunteer will participate in a given

The duties of the participants require involvement in all the research and
other activities, including:

   - Boat surveys (guiding the boat, searching for dolphins, recording
   data, assisting with photo-id, etc.);
   - Land-based surveys (searching for dolphins, recording data, etc.);
   - Preliminary data analysis;
   - Equipment maintainance;
   - Household duties shared with all project participants (cooking,
   washing up, maintainance of the research center);
   - Public awareness activities.

This is a great opportunity for volunteers to make a positive contribution
to our research and to gain knowledge and experience in marine mammal
research and conservation.

Food and accommodation

Volunteers will be accommodated in Morigenos' research center (sleeping,
cooking and working facility). There is no fee for the position, however
volunteers must contribute to the food expenses (5 EUR per day) and they
must arrange their own travel to and from Morigenos base.


Successful applicants should fullfill the following conditions:

   - At least a BSc in environmental science (biology, veterine,
   geography, etc.);
    - Previous experience in cetacean research in the wild;
   - Some experience in data analysis;
   - Boat leader's license;
   - Some experience in handling a small (6 m) boat;
   - Fluent English;
   - Being able to swim;
   - Being able to tolerate the summer heat (several hours on the boat)
   and be in moderate physical condition;
   - Being adaptable and having a team spirit;
   - Having a positive attitude towards environment and living beings;
   - Being able to work in an international group of people.

Please send your short CV to morigenos at morigenos.org, together with your
main interests, field experience, preferred dates and possible questions.

Tilen Genov

Morigenos - marine mammal research
and conservation society
Jarska cesta 36/a
1000 Ljubljana
morigenos at morigenos.org
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