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Liz Sandeman liz at marineconnection.org
Thu Jun 29 02:25:44 PDT 2006

Cetacean Project - Greece 2006

UK charity the Marine Connection has joined forces with Fiskardo’s Nautical
and Environmental Centre(FNEC)who are based on the beautiful island of
Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea, with regards to a vital dolphin and whale
research programme.
During the last four years volunteers have been recording dolphin and whale
numbers, species, distribution, habitat use and boat disturbance. The Marine
Connection is offering a limited number of places to join the field project
for a minimum period of one week. Species seen range from common, striped
and bottlenose dolphins. Other species sighted can include killer whales,
pilot whales, risso’s dolphins, minke whales or even passing fin whales.

Spaces are filling fast and the only dates left for this year are :July
17th, July 31st, August 14th, August 28th, September 11th, September 25th
and October 2nd. Included in the price, for qualified divers is the
opportunity, when not on research survey's to go diving, using the projects
equipment and boat.

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