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Research Internship
Long-Term Monitoring of Bottlenose Dolphins, Pinnipeds and Seabirds in the
Santa Monica Bay, CA and Adjacent Areas; and Assessment of Bottlenose
Dolphin Population Flow along the California Coast
 Ocean Conservation Society is offering an excellent opportunity to gain
experience with marine mammal research, both in the field and in the lab. We
are seeking interns for a long-term monitoring project on top marine
predators in California coastal waters. The study is conducted from a 52¹
sailboat & 10¹ inflatable based in Marina del Rey, CA, with regular monthly
research cruises of 4-5 days in length and several long-range surveys per
year of up to 10 days in length. The field study involves approximately 90+
days per year at sea and an equal amount of lab time. Interns will work
closely with the Principal Investigator and a small crew of researchers.
Because of the training required, interns must be willing to commit to the
project for at least three months.
 Duties include boat-based, field data collection including photo-id, video,
behavioral data collection and aspects of lab data analysis, photo-id/fin
matching and GIS plotting. At sea, interns will be required to stand
watches, assist in boat handling and piloting, and participate in all
regular duties aboard the research boat. Interns will share in the upkeep
and maintenance of the boat and the research equipment.
 Applicants should have a strong background in Marine Biology - Oceanography
with knowledge and experience of marine mammals and/or seabirds, and be
computer literate with a working knowledge of PC/Mac operating systems and
proficiency with MS Word and MS Excel. Familiarity with software including
MS Access, ArcView, PhotoShop, Logger and bioacoustic analysis programs is
helpful. Photo-id and behavior studies utilize professional digital still
and video cameras and experience with this type of equipment is a plus.
Familiarity with boat handling and safety at sea for power and sail vessels
will be also helpful. Interns should be fast learners with good
communication skills, be adaptable and flexible as hours will vary and
weekend days may be required, and be self-motivated.
 OCS does not provide salary or housing and interns will be responsible for
their own living expenses. Food at sea and research expenses are covered by
The application should contain:

a)             Cover letter explaining your qualifications and interest
b)             Current Curriculum Vitae
c)             Two references with contact information (email, telephone &
Applications should be sent to:
  Email:  info at oceanconservation.org
  Address: OCS 
    P.O. Box 12860
    Marina del Rey, CA 90295

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