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Anna Hall annahall at shaw.ca
Mon Jun 12 07:59:48 PDT 2006

Job Posting in Victoria, British Columbia

A marine naturalist is required to work aboard a whale watching vessel which operates out of Victoria, British Columbia. Employment is expected to commence in June 2006, and is seasonal.

Applicants should have demonstrateable experience in natural history interpretation, working with the public, and good knowledge of the biological and ecolgocial issues related to southern British Columbia.

An undergraduate degree in biological sciences (or related discipline) is not required, but is desireable.  Knowledge of Britich Columbia cetaceans and pinnipeds is required.

Extra consideration will be given to applicants with First Aid and/or completion of Transport Canada Marine Emergency Duties courses.

Must be willing to accomodate a flexible schedule, work in the outdoors and work well as part of a team.
Hourly wage to be discussed at time of interview.

Please direct resumes to:
Alan McGillivray, 
owner of Prince of Whales 
alanmcgillivray at shaw.ca.

Only those applicants considered candidates for the position will be contacted.
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