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Dear marmammers,

A good day for all !! ...

To proceed, two articles of the crop on "Venezuelan Cetacean" (see: Romero et al 2001 - NOAA Technical Report NMFS 151 Fishery Bulletin) that met
"disappeared" since the year of 1993:

1.- Identidad Taxonómica Específica de Esqueleto Ballena Barbada - Museo del Mar de Cumaná (English Abstract). Rev. Ecol. Lat., 3 (1-3): 31-38. 
2.- Ocurrencia de Balaenoptera physalus (Linnaeus, 1758) en Venezuela (English Abstract). Rev. Ecol. Lat., 4 (1-3): 07-10
Revista de Ecologia Latinoamericana - RECOL, Mérida, Venezuela


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