[MARMAM] Training Course: Photo-Identification of bottlenose dolphins

Bruno Diaz bruno_daz2000 at yahoo.es
Sun Jun 4 02:59:10 PDT 2006

Training Course: Photo-Identification of bottlenose dolphins
  This research course, organized by BDRI (Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute), offers an opportunity for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to obtain field and laboratory training in methodology and analysis for the study of photo-identification and social structure of wild bottlenose dolphins under the mentorship of BDRI's researchers.
  PLACE: GOLFO ARANCI (north-eastern Sardinia - Italy) where since 1991 the Non-profit "Accademia del Leviatano" and Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI have carried out a long term study about this coastal population. 
  The recognition of individual bottlenose dolphins can be used as a tool for a large variety of information (group composition, fidelity of certain dolphins to the group, area distribution and use of habitat preferences, individual behaviour, etc...).
  Students gain hands-on experience during the boat surveys studying the bottlenose dolphin social structure using photo-id methods. 
  LANGUAGES: English, Spanish or Italian.
  DATES: 19 - 24 June; 04 - 09 September (if these weeks are full will be added one or two weeks of courses in July)
  PRICE: 450 Euro (Special price for Students 400 Euro). The course fee will cover you for full board (all your accommodation and food costs in the base), seminars fee, and ALL associated field costs during your stay with us. You'll simply need to arrange your own travel itinerary to us in Golfo Aranci (see How to reach the BDRI in our website: www.geocities.com/B_D_R_I) 
  If you are interested in the course, or for further information, please visit our website or feel free to contact us:
  Email: B_D_R_I at yahoo.com
  Tel: + 39 346 0815414

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