[MARMAM] Seeking Intern for Killer Whale Research

Dawn Grebner dgreb32 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 2 06:15:12 PDT 2006

Seeking Intern to Assist Doctoral Student with Field Research
  I am a PhD student from the Graduate Program in Acoustics at Penn State. I am seeking an intern to assist me in collecting behavioral and acoustical data on killer whales located on an island off Vancouver Island North, BC.  The field season will last approximately 6-7 weeks from the second week of July thru the end of August; the internship itself will be from the approximately July 24 to the last week of August.  All observations and data collection will be conducted from shore, but travel by boat to the island is necessary.  
  This internship is an excellent opportunity for an individual working toward a career in marine mammal science to acquire field experience.  An ideal candidate would be dedicated to the marine environment and committed to collecting data to further our understanding of killer whale group dynamics.
  Skills intern will learn:
  How to distinguish between individuals within a matrilineal unit, subpod or pod
  How to estimate group size and composition
  How to record and distinguish between different killer whale behaviors 
  How to record and retrieve acoustic information
  How to estimate distances of killer whales to the observation site
  How to assess and record environmental conditions and sound speed profile information
  Prior knowledge of marine mammal behavior or acoustics is an asset
  Must be able to rise early and work long hours  
  Must be able to camp and work in a remote coastal environment
  Capable of hiking daily with equipment from the campsite to the observation cliff            (~5km/2.5 miles each way) 
  Interns will be responsible for travel to the location.  Intern will need to supply their own tent, tarp and sleeping gear.  Though it does not cost anything to live on the island, a weekly food/water supply fee of $70 will be necessary to participate in the camp.  
  Please contact me with your interest, background experience and if you would like more information.
  dmg302 at psu.edu
  PhD Candidate
  Graduate Program in Acoustics
  Penn State

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