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Wed Jul 26 10:29:14 PDT 2006

The following paper has recently been published in Fishery Bulletin:
  Depredation of catch by bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the  Florida king mackerel (Scomberomorus cavalla) troll fishery
  Erika A. Zollett and Andrew J. Read
  We documented depredation by bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops  truncatus) in the Florida king mackerel (Scomberomorus cavalla)  troll fishery.  Between March and June  2003, we conducted 26 interviews of charter and commercial fishermen in  Islamorada, Florida and 23 along Florida’s east coast from Fort Pierce south to  Lake Worth Inlet.  All fishermen  indicated they had observed bottlenose dolphins depredating bait or catch, with  king mackerel the species most often taken by dolphins.  During on-board observations of depredation  between March and June 2003, we found that dolphins took 6% of king mackerel  caught by charter fishermen and 20% of fish caught by commercial  fishermen.  We conclude that depredation  by bottlenose dolphins occurs commonly in this fishery and has the potential to  incur a significant economic cost to king mackerel fishermen. To address this  concern, we conducted preliminary tests of a gear modification designed to  reduce depredation in the
 king mackerel fishery between December 2003 and  January 2004.  These tests demonstrated  that a modification to the outrigger planer will successfully deter bottlenose  dolphins from engaging in depredation, without causing a reduction in catch.    
  The paper is available at:  http://fishbull.noaa.gov/1043/zollett.pdf
  Reprints can be requested from:  erika.zollett at unh.edu

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