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The Whale Center of New England is hiring for the position of Assistant


The Whale Center is a private, not-for-profit organization based in
Gloucester, MA.  Incorporated in 1979, our mission is to conduct research on
whales and their habitat and to actively engage in marine conservation and
education.  The Whale Center has long term studies on a variety of marine
mammals, including endangered North Atlantic humpback, fin, and right
whales, with a long scientific publication history; is the regional
stranding respondent for the North Shore of Massachusetts; has seats on a
variety of regional committees including the Atlantic Large Whale Take
Reduction Team, the Northeast Implementation Team, and the Stellwagen Bank
National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council; and operates a public Visitor
Center in Gloucester, MA.  Full details on the organization can be found at


The Assistant Director is responsible for a variety of tasks, including 


*	Aiding, creating and supervising organizational research programs
(including experimental design, literature review, supervision of data
collection and analysis, and publication of results); 
*	Coordinating response to reports of live and dead stranded marine
mammals on Massachusetts' North Shore (including training of staff and
volunteers; organization, archival, and transfer of stranding data;
interacting with town, state, and federal agencies regarding strandings;
purchasing and maintaining equipment and supplies; and other duties as
deemed necessary); 
*	Acting as the captain and chief scientist aboard dedicated research
trips (including boat preparation and planning of trip beforehand;
assistance in upkeep of research vessel; supervision of behavioral data
collection during trip; collection of biopsy and fecal samples; and writing
of data sheets after trip); 
*	Acting as a part of the organization's "management team," which
includes an active voice in all aspects of the organization's operations in
conjunction with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors,
including oversight of other organizational employees;
*	Maintaining of office computers and computer network; 
*	Representing The Whale Center of New England on committees and
panels related to whale or marine conservation, education, and research; 
*	Acting as an on-board naturalist on commercial whale watching trips,
collecting data on such trips, writing data sheets for each trip (including
review of photographs for whale identification purposes); 
*	Hiring, training, managing whale watch naturalists for 2-3 whale
watch companies;
*	Contributing articles to the organization's quarterly newsletter,
*	Assisting in fund-raising efforts for the organization; 
*	Accomplishing other tasks as deemed necessary and appropriate by the
Executive Director and/or Board of Directors.


During summer season (June through September), hours are variable, but
generally long.  From October-May, weeks will be a minimum of 45 working
hours, at least 75% of which will be during normal office hours (9-5:30


Salary will be commensurate with experience, but will likely be in the
mid-$30,000 range, plus benefits (which include contributions to health
insurance, paid vacation and some paid holidays, sick time, and personal


Applicants should have experience working with marine mammals, ideally
including both large whales and smaller marine mammals, some stranding
experience preferred; academic training in biology or a related field
necessary, with a M.S. or Ph.D. preferred; good interpersonal and public
speaking skills; enthusiasm and flexibility for working as part of a small
organization with high aspirations.


Applicants should send a cover letter and curriculum vitae, including
references and any other related materials, by e-mail to Mason Weinrich,
Executive Director, at mason at whalecenter.org.  You may also e-mail us with
any questions related to the position.  We will screen the materials and, if
appropriate, arrange an interview (preferably in person but by phone, if
necessary).  We are hoping to fill this position by the end of August, so
send applications as soon as possible.  


Mason Weinrich

mason at whalecenter.org

Whale Center of New England

P.O. Box 159

Gloucester MA 01930




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