[MARMAM] 1st Announcement - Workshop

Jeremy KISZKA jeremy.kiszka at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 10 07:08:25 PDT 2006

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce the first regional workshop on the Incidental 
Catches of non-targeted Marine Species in the Western Indian Ocean, with a 
focus on by-catch of marine mammals and sea turtles in this region.

Incidental catch of non-targeted marine species: Problems and mitigation 
measures, 13-15 November 2006, Mayotte (France)


Catch of non-target species in fishing gears is known to occur throughout 
the Western Indian Ocean region, and there is an urgent need to address this 
problem. This workshop will aim to:

- Bring together relevant marine mammal and turtle sicentists, 
conservationists and managers in the region to share ideas and exchange 
- Review the level of threat from fisheries, both coastal and pelagic, in 
the WIO region.
- Discuss and resolve common issues relating to by-catch.
- Discuss and resolve common issues relating to data collection and 
analysis, survey techniques and specific threats (other than by-catch) such 
as eco-tourism, pollution, habitat destruction/disturbance and boat 
- Produce recommendations for research and management, fund-raising and 
future regional and international collaboration.
- Give particpants the opportunity to observe and partake in practical field 
research and conservation activitites.

This workshop will be organized by the Office National de la Chasse et de la 
Faune Sauvage (French Wildlife Service), which is actively involved in 
marine mammal research programmes around Mayotte. Sea Sense, a NGO based in 
Tanzania will be one of the co-organizers. Sea Sense works hand in hand with 
local communities to protect endangered marine life in Tanzania, with a 
special focus on dungongs and turtles, through conservation, research and 

The workshop is funded by WIOMSA through MASMA.

To download the 1st Announcement, please go to the following link:

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