[MARMAM] Bottlenose dolphin behaviour and gillnets: new paper

Bruno Diaz bruno_daz2000 at yahoo.es
Sun Jul 2 08:15:49 PDT 2006

Dear MARMAM members,
  I am pleased to announce the release of the new manuscript on the ICES Journal 
  of Marine Science.
  Díaz López, B. 2006. Interactions between Mediterranean bottlenose 
  dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) and gillnets off Sardinia, Italy. – ICES Journal of 
  Marine Science, 63(5): 946–951. doi:10.1016/j.icesjms.2005.06.012  
  Abstract: A first attempt at analysing interactions between bottlenose dolphins and gillnets along the northeastern coast of Sardinia (Italy) was conducted between October 1999 and December 2004. A new approach was used: combining interviews with fishers with boat-based direct observations and behavioural and group size analysis. Fishers on monitored boats noted 2556 days on which gillnet damage was caused by bottlenose dolphins, 68.7% of the total fishing days, with no difference between seasons. An annual estimate of the number of bottlenose dolphins caught in the gillnets was 1.47 (0.98 immatures and 0.49 adults). In all, 317 days were spent making observations at sea, of which 330.6 h were spent directly observing the 
  dolphins. There were no changes in the distribution of daily encounter rate among seasons, group size, or number of immatures, in the presence or the absence of gillnets. However, bottlenose dolphins spent more time both in the study area and feeding when gillnets were present. The extent of the estimated bycatch is worrisome in terms of the ability of bottlenose dolphins off Sardinia to sustain such an annual loss.
  Keywords: behaviour, bottlenose dolphin, bycatch, fisheries, gillnets, Mediterranean Sea, trammel nets.
  This is available through Science Direct.  
  Paper also available on request: 
  B_D_R_I at yahoo.com


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