[MARMAM] update on the beaked whales stranded on 26 January in SE Spain

Ana Cañadas alnitak.ana at cetaceos.com
Sun Jan 29 04:38:35 PST 2006

Dear all,

this message is to update the information sent 2 days ago about the atypical mass stranding of Ziphius cavirostris in Almería (SE Spain). There are four animals stranded now. The fourth was found, already dead, in the afternoon of the 27th a few km north from the first 3. The first three animals have been already examined by the team of Antonio Fernandez (afernandez at dmor.ulpgc.es) from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, with the help of the stranding network of Ecologistas en Acción Almería - PROMAR and other people from the Spanish Cetacean Society. The fourth animal is in a place of very difficult access, and the team of veterinarians are trying to reach the animal at the moment. The two animals examined were 2 females (one adult and one probably subadult) and one adult male. The fourth animal seems to be an adult male. The adult female had signs of a possible relatively recent pregnancy (although not very new), but the calf has not been found.

Next week the team of Antonio Fernandez will complete the lab analysis, and will be able to report the results.

The Spanish Cetacean Society, together with ACCOBAMS (Agreement for the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic adjacent waters), and some colleagues from the UK and US, are trying to collect information on possible human-induced causes for this event.

All the best,
Ana Cañadas
SEC - Spanish Cetacean Society
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