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The Northcoast Marine Mammal Center in Crescent City, California, seeks applicants for a summer internship working with stranded seals, sea lions and occasionally porpoises.  The internship will begin mid May 2006 and end mid August 2006.  Start and end dates are flexible with the chosen intern.  This is an unpaid position and interns are responsible for travel but housing may be provided.


The internship is designed to give exceptional hands-on experience with pinnipeds in a rehab facility setting including Pacific harbor seal pups, Northern elephant seal pups and yearlings, California sea lions and Steller's sea lion pups.  The intern will take on a leadership role among 40-50 volunteers and will be directly responsible to the Director.  Interns will be involved in all aspects including, rescues, transports, veterinary procedures, animal care, public outreach and releases.


The internship is open to all to apply but undergraduates, veterinary students and recent graduates are especially invited to apply.


Interested individuals should send the following:

Cover letter and resume to:

Lanni Hall, Director
Northcoast Marine Mammal Center
424 Howe Drive
Crescent City, CA  95531
or fax to:  (707) 465-6265

or email to:  northcoastmmc at peoplepc.com
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