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Michelle Kinzel kinzel at cox.net
Sun Jan 22 20:24:06 PST 2006

Exploring Marine GIS: An ArcGIS Field and Lab Course

Location:  San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California, Mexico
Dates:  March 6-12, 2006
Instructors:  Michelle Kinzel, Joe Breman and Peter Etnoyer
Cost: $1,399.00 per person

Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation is hosting this immersion week in
geospatial sciences and marine biology in San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico,
March 6-12, 2006.  

GIS Course Summary:
This week long adventure is for both beginning and advanced GIS users,
and will also be suitable for those with some experience looking to
integrate GIS into their own conservation projects or professional work.
The workshop will include 2 days of instructor led training covering an
"Introduction to ArcGIS 9", using ESRI training materials and taught by
an ESRI authorized instructor.  Participants will integrate these skills
and perform exercises in an exploration of the Marine Data Model, and
discover how data modeling is used in GIS.  In addition, participants
will work side by side with CERF's graduate students and marine mammal
biologists, collecting data on the distribution, behavior and ecology of
gray whales occupying winter breeding grounds. The course will include
data collection in the lagoon and the opportunity to learn how to use
some of the tools used by marine mammal scientists, digital images,
image processing software, CERF's 10 year photo identification catalog,
GPS units and underwater sonar tracking devices will all be incorporated
in the field work sessions.  Participants will contribute to CERF's
ongoing research projects, study the concepts of data modeling and
management, learn and integrate the skills used in photo id cataloging,
participate in behavioral monitoring of gray whale mothers and calves
and learn the basic requirements for creating a working geodatabase for
conservation planning.  Additionally, those with ongoing projects or
datasets are encouraged to bring their work with them, as we will have a
Data Modeler and GIS Consultant on hand to work with these participants.

Topics Covered in this Course:
.	Introduction to ArcGIS 9
.	Marine Data Model
.	GIS in conservation research and planning
.	Geospatial science; building a geodatabase, using GPS data in
scientific research
.	Marine Mammal Science; Gray whale migratory behavior, photo
identification cataloging, and gray whale 

Wilderness experience:
This trip will follow our format for wilderness expeditions supported
and funded by the Earthwatch Institute.  Please browse our website at
http://www.earthwatch.org/site/pp2.asp?c=dsJSK6PFJnH&b=1147575 for
photos and details on the San Ignacio Lagoon Grey Whale Migration trip.
This experience is ideal to learn the basics of ArcGIS 9, and provides
the opportunity to consult with GIS professionals, using these tools to
further professional and academic goals.

Laguna San Ignacio is located within the Vizcaino Biosphere Preserve,
and has gained international recognition and protection as a whale
sanctuary (read more at http://whc.unesco.org/pg.cfm?cid=31&id_site=554
).  This trip will offer many chances to observe wildlife, explore the
diversity and wonder of desert and marine ecosystems and experience one
of the wildest places on earth.  Whale watching, mud flat excursions,
mangrove explorations, bird watching, desert hikes and cultural
experiences will all be offered throughout the week.  

The cost of the trip is $1,399.00 and includes all GIS instruction,
course materials, ESRI ArcGIS 9 trial version software, meals, camping
accommodations, whale watching trips and naturalist led hikes.  The food
will be authentic Baja cuisine, and the lodging will be semi-rustic
camping accommodations.

Participants will need to arrange transportation to and from Baja
California, Mexico.  There are 2 options for joining the team in the
field.  Participants can fly in and out of Loreto Airport or they can
drive to the lagoon campsite themselves.  Please contact trip organizer
for more information.

Space is limited!  Please contact Michelle Kinzel for instructions on
registering for this course kinzel at cox.net

Michelle Kinzel, Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation,

Joe Breman, Environmental Systems Research Institute  jbreman at esri.com

Peter Etnoyer, Aquanautix Consulting http://www.aquanautix.com/


Michelle Kinzel
Scientist/GIS Instructor
Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation
kinzel at cox.net
CERF now offers training and project database assistance for ArcView 3
and ArcGIS 9 softwares.  
Join us Mar 6-12, 2006 in Baja California, Mexico for an immersion
course in GIS and the Marine Data Model.

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