[MARMAM] 2006 Protect Wild Dolphin RFP

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The Protect Wild Dolphin Program at the HARBOR BRANCH Oceanographic
Institution supports scientific projects that investigate anatomy, behavior,
bioacoustics, conservation, ecology, immunology, modeling, physiology,
population genetics, psychophysics, statistical analyses, and toxicology of
dolphin in Florida waters.  The 2006 Request for Proposals (RFP) can be
found at http://www.protectwilddolphins.org/downloads.html. The award limit
per project is $100,000.  Collaborative proposals are encouraged. 
The deadline for receipt of proposals will be 15 March 2006.

Proposals for 1-2 day workshops on topics such as conservation strategies,
enabling technologies, health assessments, spatial-temporal modeling, stock
management, stranding evaluation, and tagging effects on dolphin in Florida
waters, will also be considered. 
The deadline for receipt of proposals will be 15 March 2006.

Limited support (up to $10,000 per institution) is also available for
reimbursement of stranding expenses. The deadline for receipt of
reimbursement requests will be 1 December 2006.

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