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The Marine Animal Lifeline in Portland, Maine, seeks applicants for a summer internship 
working with stranded harbor seal pups.  The internship will begin on May 20th and end 
August 13th.  This is a full time internship position with some flexibility of the start and 
end date of the internship. The internship is an unpaid position and interns are responsible 
for all travel and housing expenses.

Job Summary/Program Description:
This internship is designed to provide a dynamic educational experience in the marine 
mammal field while offering valuable career experience.   The interns will have a leadership 
role in the rehabilitation team and interns will be responsible for a number of support tasks 
with rehabilitating stranded seals throughout the course of the internship.  The positions will 
involve working under the Veterinary Technicians in providing medical care, feeding, 
cleaning and completing medical records in the rehabilitation program. The intern will be 
integrated into the department with assigned duties allowing them to progressively take on 
more responsibility.  Interns may also have the opportunity to assist in marine mammal 
rescues as they arise.  In addition, they will provide support to the animal care staff in animal 
physicals, and assist in a number of other marine mammal care procedures.

Intern Responsibilities & Qualifications:
The internship is open to all applicants at least 18 years of age or older. Undergraduate 
students and non-students alike are encouraged to apply.  If the intern intends to receive 
academic credit, the intern will be responsible for making all arrangements with their 
educational institutions.  The internship is 5 days a week, 40 hours per week, however, 
due to the unpredictable nature of animal care, interns may sometimes be required to work 
beyond their normal scheduled hours.  Daily operations at the rehabilitation facility begin at 
6:30 am and go until at least 8:30 pm often later, on a case-by-case basis.  The Marine Animal 
Lifeline is an extremely busy rehabilitation facility and the animals often require late-night or 
overnight care.  Interns must be able and willing to work long and flexible hours including 
weekends, holidays and occasional nights.  Interns will be required to have fair physical strength 
and be in good health. Successful applicants will have leadership skills, or posses the ability to 
learn proper leadership skills quickly. Interns need to have the ability to multitask and work in a 
fast paced environment.  Animal care and/or marine mammal experience is a plus but not required.

Duties Include:
*       Daily animal diet preparations, routine cleaning of work areas.
*       Assisting with veterinary examinations and treatments.
*       Assisting with rescues and releases of injured or abandoned marine animals.
*       Assisting with the taking and processing of X-rays.
*       Assisting with blood handling and collection.
*       Assisting with necropsies.
*       Updating medical and laboratory records and logs.
*       Maintaining veterinary and rehab supplies and equipment.
*       Assisting in the feeding, cleaning and daily operations of the rehab area.
*       Other duties relating to the Center's goals and mission as required.

Application Process:
Interested individuals must send the following:

- Letter of intent including reasons for wanting to do the internship.
- Resume
- 3 references

Submit the above items through one of the following 3 ways:

1. Email:  jjakush at stranding.org  (via pdf file or MSWord)

2. Regular mail:
Marine Animal Lifeline
c/o Jennifer Jakush
P.O. Box 621
Portland, ME 04104

3. Fax:  207-541-1936

The application submission deadline is March 15th and selection of applicants will 
be complete by March 31st.

If you have any further questions, contact Jennifer Jakush at (207) 773-7377, Ext. 413 
or email at jjakush at stranding.org

If you would like to learn more about the Marine Animal Lifeline, visit our website 
at www.stranding.org

Jennifer Jakush
Veterinary Technician
Marine Animal Lifeline
P.O. Box 621
Portland, ME  04104
Phone: (207) 773-7377,  Ext. 413
Fax: (207) 541-1936
jjakush at stranding.org

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