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David Rosen rosen at zoology.ubc.ca
Fri Jan 13 14:27:49 PST 2006

Post Doc Research Fellow - Steller sea lion foraging energetics

The University of British Columbia Marine Mammal Research Unit (MMRU) 
is seeking a highly motivated Post Doctoral Research Fellow to 
develop and manage a research program in the area of marine mammal 
foraging energetics.  The research will focus on the foraging 
energetics and diving behavior of captive Steller sea lions as part 
of an integral component of the MMRU research goals.

The successful candidate will be responsible for designing and 
implementing the science plan at the MMRU Open Water Research 
Station.  This is a unique facility that allows researchers to study 
behavior and energetics of Steller sea lions using trained animals to 
carry out experiments in the open ocean.

You must have a PhD in biological science, and experience in 
conducting and managing field- or lab-based research projects, 
ideally involving marine mammals.  This should include a proven 
ability to lead and motivate research teams. Experience with the 
practical and analytical techniques required to conduct behavioral 
and energetic studies would be advantageous.  You must also have 
excellent writing, communication and networking skills, illustrated 
by a strong publication record and evidence of effective 
communication with the scientific community.

The post will be based at the University of British Columbia 
Fisheries Centre in Vancouver.  However, a significant amount of time 
will also be spent at the MMRU Open Water Research Station located at 
a remote location away from the University campus.

The position is under the direct supervision of the Dr Andrew Trites 
and Dr David Rosen with support from the Office Manager.  They will 
directly supervise research technicians at the Open Water facility. 
The position will also work closely with Aquarium training and 
husbandry staff.

The post is for 1 year with the possibility of renewal, and will 
start as soon as practical.

Interested candidates should send a resume and covering letter of 
interest by January 27, 2006 to Dr Andrew Trites: 
consortium at zoology.ubc.ca.
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