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The National Aquarium in Baltimore's Conservation Department is looking
for a Stranding Coordinator to manage all aspects of the Marine Animal
Rescue Program, and implement administrative and field components of the
program while working with multiple departments within the institution.
Responsibilities include insuring Aquarium standards and protocols with
respect to all operational aspects of the Marine Animal Rescue Program
are upheld, portray the program as an integral facet of the Conservation
Department, respond to and coordinate the rescue, rehabilitation, and
release of stranded marine mammals and sea turtles and communicate with,
cooperate with and report to appropriate agencies. 


The National Aquarium in Baltimore seeks to stimulate interest in,
develop knowledge about, and inspire stewardship of aquatic
environments. A member of the Baltimore community, Maryland's leading
tourist attraction, and an international icon, the Aquarium provides
cultural, recreational, and educational experiences that meet the needs
of diverse communities. The Aquarium adheres to the highest principles
of husbandry, staff development, fiscal responsibility, and economy of
resources, and we strive to provide effective outreach and conservation

In all operations, we practice and promote the highest standards of
animal husbandry. To be the best aquarium in the world, we owe our
visitors the finest possible experience from their first point of
contact. By constant evaluation of visitor satisfaction, we strive to
exceed expectations for facts, fun, friendliness, and service. We strive
to recruit, train, and develop exceptionally talented and effective
board of directors and staff. We create a safe work environment which
encourages teamwork, personal initiative, and accountability. We are
accountable for the efficient use of our internal resources of capital,
facilities, and personnel. We promote appropriate use of natural
resources through example, education, and action. The Aquarium is deeply
committed to extending the knowledge and resource gained through
day-to-day operations toward the betterment of the natural environment.


The position is open until filled.  For further information or to apply
please visit: www.aqua.org <http://www.aqua.org/> 


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