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Mon Jan 9 07:53:15 PST 2006

Marine Mammals Ashore: A Field Guide for Strandings (J.R. Geraci & V.J. Lounsbury)-in the hardcover format-is back!  

A comprehensive manual for understanding and dealing with a stranded seal, manatee, dolphin, whale, or sea otter, this book contains information for the interested beach dweller or student and for the scientist or marine resource manager. 

Marine Mammals Ashore describes rescue operations, how to organize a response team, and how to deal with the media and the public. It includes basic information on marine mammal biology, life history and health, and an extensive bibliography.

The book also provides stranding network participants with practical guidelines for collecting data and specimens to better understand the biology and behavior of marine animals and the condition of their environment.

All chapters have been updated and expanded, with emphasis on topics that include:
*	Enhancing network organization, public education, and media relations.
*	Natural and human-related mortality in each major marine mammal group.
*	Recognizing, responding to, and investigating unusual mortality events.
*	New or updated protocols for specimen and data collection (e.g., samples for PCR analysis; basic guidelines for investigating possible noise-related strandings; collecting environmental data and samples; and a detailed protocol for examining marine mammals for signs of human interactions).
*	Zoonoses and other public health issues.
*	Updated overview of marine mammal stranding frequency and distribution in North America, with coverage extended to Canada and Mexico.
*	Overview of special topics provided by invited authors: disentanglement (Peter Howorth, Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Center, Santa Barbara CA); tagging and monitoring (Anthony Martin, British Antarctic Survey); and GIS applications (Greg Early, A.I.S., Inc., New Bedford, MA).
*	Close to 600 new references (and a few new carcass disposal stories!).

The 372-page second edition features water- and tear-resistant paper, a vinyl cover and durable plastic coil binding. 

Cost (=$38 U.S. plus shipping and handling)
*	U.S. or Canada - $44
*	Other countries (surface, 4-8 weeks) - $47
*	Other countries (airmail, 7-12 days) - $54

For more information or to order, please visit www.aqua.org/research_marinemammalsashore.html.  You can also email me at nyates at aqua.org for an order form.  

While supplies last, get a free copy of the Marine Mammals Ashore CD-ROM with every order.

Support for the second edition (© 2005 by National Aquarium in Baltimore) was provided by NOAA/NMFS John H. Prescott Marine Mammal Rescue Assistance Grant Program and Office of Protected Resources; NOAA/NOS Office of National Marine Sanctuaries; Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research; Marine Mammal Commission; National Aquarium in Baltimore; Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration; and the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Program in Comparative Medicine.

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!
-Nathan Yates
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