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Center for Oceanic Research and Education Internship Opportunities 

The Center for Oceanic Research and Education (CORE), based in Essex, MA,
is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and conservation of
cetaceans. Cetaceans are whales, dolphins and porpoises. CORE's mission is
to promote stewardship and conservation of cetaceans and their marine
environment. Our research focuses primarily upon the populations of fin and
humpback whales found in the inshore waters of New England. We are
currently working on several projects including: 

•	hierarchy among social/feeding groups of humpback whales.
•	novel feeding behavior (the use of bubbles) in fin whales. 

•	the presence of orca scars on humpback whales, their main predator in the
N. Atlantic. 

•	bias in whale watching i.e. data/photos collected on humpback whales vs.
fin whales. 

•	shifts in distribution of whale species over time.

•	on-going research includes photo-identification studies of humpback
whales, fin whales, sperm whales, Northern right whales, minke whales and
pilot whales. 
CORE conducts whale watch education programs, school presentations and
public outreach activities throughout the year as part of our endeavor to
educate people about endangered whales and their fragile marine
environment. We collect much of our data aboard commercial whale watching
vessels that operate out of Gloucester, MA. Interns are aboard each trip as
research assistants, and are primarily responsible for data collection. The
types of data recorded on each trip include physical information - such as
climate and sea conditions, number and species of each cetacean, as well as
behavioral information and identification photographs of focus animals.
Other duties aboard the boats include answering passenger questions,
assisting with fund raising efforts and helping crew on deck. A paid
"education mate" position aboard the whale watching boat in Gloucester is
included - interns will rotate day-to-day through the week as research
assistants and education mates. There are also paid galley positions
available to interns which provide another daily avenue for raising
personal funds.

Founded in 1996, CORE earned our non-profit status in 1999. Though we have
no publications currently in print, we are currently analyzing data on
several on-going research projects with the goal of developing papers on
such varied subjects as novel feeding behavior in fin whales, to
observations of Sowerby’s and Cuvier’s beaked whales in offshore submarine
canyons. Interns can expect to participate in and learn a variety of facets
of research including: 

•	Data collection; data entry; archiving and cataloging photographs and
negatives; general office work. 
•	Data analysis methods; individual identification of whales through photo
analysis; data submission to educational on-line program, WhaleNet. 
•	Public speaking; fund raising; correspondence with other organizations,
researcher and students. 
•	Interns are also assigned a specific on-going research project and will
be expected to complete an extensive reading list to gain important
background knowledge. 
•	Basics of navigation; boat handling; use of marine electronics including
GPS, LORAN, radar and echolocation; handling lines; and knowledge of vessel
safety and emergency protocol. 

In 2006, interns will also be instrumental in assisting in a new program we
have developed with a local organization that oversees programming for
15,000 home-schooled children throughout the region. CORE will be providing
specialized courses specifically for this group. A new and exciting
addition to our educational outreach line up.

CORE offers year-round internship opportunities to qualified college
students or graduates. We require a two-month minimum stay. These are
strictly unpaid, volunteer positions. However, interns will be paid for
their duties as Education Mates, as well as galley positions, aboard the
commercial whale watching vessels out of Gloucester. We do not provide room
or board, but will assist interns in any way in finding housing and
transportation. We also offer flexible hours, so that interns can obtain
part-time jobs, if needed. 

Interns are also encouraged to receive either undergraduate or graduate
credits for their internships with CORE. We will help students design and
implement a project through their school or with two local schools with
whom we are affiliated (Endicott College, Beverly, MA and Wheelock College,
Boston, MA).

Application deadline for the summer internship session is March 24th, with
interviews being conducted during the first week of April. The deadline for
the fall internship session is July 24th, with interviews during the first
week of August. We also accept limited applicants for spring. To apply for
an internship, please complete an application and send your resume or CV, a
letter of interest identifying your reason for applying, and two letters of
recommendation to the below address. 

The Center for Oceanic Research and Education internship applications can
be found on our website at: www.coreresearch.org/intern form.htm. You may
then use your browser's print function to print it out. We will contact
applicants to schedule an interview as soon as we receive the above
materials. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at
core at coreresearch.org or 978-768-4560.

Lisa Fox, Director 
Center for Oceanic Research and Education 
245 Western Ave, Box 8, Essex, MA 01929 

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