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------ Marine Mammal Science Vol. 22(1) ------

Kellar, N.M. et al. 2006. Determining pregnancy 
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Marine Mammal Science 22(1): 167-189.


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deep-core sampling of the blubber of southern 
right whales, Eubalaena australis. Marine Mammal 
Science 22(1): 206-213.

Ohishi, K. et al. 2006. Serologic investigation 
of influenza A virus infection in cetaceans from 
the western North Pacific and the Southern 
oceans. Marine Mammal Science 22(1): 214-221.

Clark, J.A. and P.D. Boersma. 2006. Southern 
elephant seal, Mirounga leonina, kills Magellanic 
penguins, Spheniscus magellanicus, on land. 
Marine Mammal Science 22(1): 222-225.

Jay, C.V. et al. 2006. Comparison of remotely 
deployed satellite radio transmitters on 
walruses. Marine Mammal Science 22(1): 226-236.

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